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Select a product from the product page
Add your photos by clicking on the "add images"
button at the bottom of the screen and then click
"Choose files"or 'Browse" to select your photos. We suggest updating your browser to the latest version or
else you would have to use the slower "upload" method.
Add your photos by dragging them from the bottom of the screen and dropping them onto the picture boxes provided. You may also make use of the autofill feature in order to automatically populate your photo book.

* If you wish to change a picture which you have already placed, simply drag and drop another image on top of the picture box.
On the cover page you will need to click the text box in order to select it and then double click the plus sign in order to edit the text box. Here, the generalised text that is aldready included in the boxes will guide you regarding how your boxes should be customised. Once you have typed your custom text into each box, click the 'Save' button in the bottom-right corner of the box. Note that it is not
essential to add a title to your book and should you not edit
the text box, the text will not be printed.
* You may change the styles of your pages in order to use more or less images by dragging and dropping a layout from the layout tab onto the designated side of a spread.

You are able to crop or change the orientation of the picture by
using the tools on the right hand side of your screen to edit
the selected picture.
Once you are happy with the layout of your
product you may then click the 'Order'
button on the bottom right hand side of the
screen. You may also make use of the
'Save' button should you wish to complete
your order at a later stage.
If you are a first time customer you will be prompted to create an account using your email
address and a unique password. Thereafter the normal ordering process would apply, whereby
you would need to enter delivery details and pay for your order via the payment gateway using
either your credit/debit card or an SID (Secure Internet Deposit), which is like an EFT payment.